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      Seritol Success Stories

So, just how effective is Seritol?

Here's what a few of our many satisfied customers have to say...

"I've been taking Paxil® for years to treat my anxiety and depression. It helps, but it's really expensive because I'm self-employed and have a pretty lousy prescription plan. But even worse are the sexual side effects - I have much less interest in sex when I'm on it and it's difficult for me to get an erection. When my wife and I have sex, it's very hard for me to ejaculate. I know it's because of the Paxil® because out of frustration, I've stopped taking it before cold turkey (even though I know you're not supposed to do that) and I immediately regain my sexual interest and abilities. I've tried other prescriptions in the past like Zoloft® and Prozac® and they have the same side effects for me. Plus, they don't make me feel like myself. Anyway, since my doctor has been no help in this matter I searched online for an alternative and found your product Seritol. I ordered it and then began reducing my dosage of Paxil® over the next several weeks until I was completely off of it. I then immediately started taking Seritol and it has been a godsend for me. Not only is it helping with my anxiety and depression the same way that Paxil® did, but I feel like myself and I don't have any problems in the bedroom any more. I can't believe that everyone doesn't know about this. You should really be advertising this on tv. My sincerest thanks for helping me feel like myself again."

"It's nice to feel happy again when I wake up in the morning..."

"I've been taking SERITOL now for 3 weeks and I can't believe the difference! Life for me has definitely taken a turn for the better. ...I am very happy that I found your product."
Robin N.

"We were concerned about the possible side effects of prescription anti-depressants. Our son's psychiatrist recommended Paxil® for his anxiety, but we have read that there are many side effects with it, including suicidal thoughts in teens. We searched online for a natural non-prescription cure and we found a site recommending your product. Our son has been using Seritol for 6 weeks now, and the improvement in his behavior and mood is truly incredible. Thank you for this wonderful product!"
The Hill Family

"i was using another herbal antidepressant before but it wasn't really working too good so i decided to try this seritol and its way better. i'm not feeling anxious like i was before and it don't upset my stomach like xxxxxx did."
Rodney B.

"I'm 57 years old and in good health but I've been feeling run down for several years. I finally mentioned this to my doctor recently and he immediately said I had depression and he prescribed an anti-depressant. I asked him how he can diagnose me with depression after a one minute conversation when he doesn't know anything about me? Long story short, I didn't take the prescription but I did decide to check the internet for something that would 'pick me up.' I found your site and decided to give it a try. I like the fact that it's all-natural and non-prescription. After just a week, I'm feeling like my old self again. I just had to write to you and say thank you."
Carolyn L.


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